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The Museum of the American Cocktail has proudly opened up it's physical exibit in New Orleans. You can get more information about our New Orleans exhibit, as well as many photographs here.

Just a few items from our New Orleans Exhbit

We hope that all of you can get a chance to visit us there soon, in the meantime, we would like to provide you with the virtual exhibit below, which includes some of the material from our New Orleans exhibit, as well as some original content created just for this online version.

Cocktail Evolution

Here are some of the exhibit panels from our main display, click on one of the thumbnails to launch the tour, then click on the left or right side of the window to move forward or backward through the tour.

Exhibit Panel 1 Exhibit Panel 2 Exhibit Panel 3 Exhibit Panel 4 Exhibit Panel 5 Exhibit Panel 6

Origins of the Cocktail

The earliest known definition for the "cock-tail" comes by way of a response to a rather innocent "Letter to the Editor" from May 13th, 1806. Click on the image below to see how this exchange appeared in "The Balance and Columbian Repository"

History In A Glass

Was the Sazerac the original cocktail? Recently, Phil Greene and Chris McMillian, were asked to present at the Smithsonian Institute in order to answer this question as well as provide some insights into several classic New Orleans libations. Click on the image below to watch a video of their presentation.

Instructional Videos

Our own Chris McMillian, while working at the Library Bar in the New Orleans Ritz Hotel, filmed a series of Videos with to illustrate many of the classic cocktails which he would serve to his guests. We've gathered all of those videos here in one place so you can see how many of these classic cocktails are properly prepared.

Patents of Interest

Over the centuries, various patents have been issued which provide a glimpse into how barware has evolved, and continues to evolve. In this exhibit you will find a handful of those patents which we have prepared in order to allow you a glimpse into this process.

Albert Pick Saloon Catalog

Albert Pick was once a well known supplier of restaurant and bar equipment. We have a copy of their catalog from 1918 as part of our exhibit and have extracted a few choice images which we thought you might enjoy.
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