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Dale DeGroff: President

Dale DeGroff spearheads the project and provides a face to the Museum?s efforts to bring about a better understanding and appreciation of the historical significance and evolution of the cocktail. America?s foremost mixologist, Dale DeGroff developed his extraordinary techniques and talent tending bar for over twenty years at great establishments - most notably, New York City?s famous Rainbow Room, where he pioneered an innovative gourmet approach to mixing drinks. Often referred to as ?King Cocktail?, DeGroff is a leading authority and popular personality in the beverage world, appearing regularly in the press and media throughout the US and Europe. Dale provides beverage consulting services, and bar training seminars to spirits manufacturers and leading restaurants throughout the world. His book, The Craft of The Cocktail, winner of the IACP Julia Child Award, has been hailed by Men?s Journal as the ?look-here-first, look-here-last primer on drink mixing.? Debonair, a great raconteur, and an unparalleled authority, Dale is a much sought after expert in the industry and universally acknowledged as a premier mixologist around the world.


Jill DeGroff: Vice President

A talented graphic artist and illustrator, Jill DeGroff created the website and handles the administrative work for Dale DeGroff Company and for The Museum of the American Cocktail. Her illustrations appear in Slammed Magazine and other industry publications. Jill dreamed up the idea of a cocktail museum to showcase her esteemed husband?s work and extensive collections as well as those of his colleagues that they might all be encompassed in one institution in tribute to the Great American Cocktail (and also as a good excuse to eventually move to New Orleans!)


Anistatia Miller & Jared Brown: Vice Presidents

Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown head up museum?s publishing division. With a three-decade history in the publishing industry as well as marketing and public relations, Miller edits and promotes the Museum?s journal of scholarly research, Mixologist; The Journal of the American Cocktail and other MOTAC publishing projects to benefit the Museum and its goals through their publishing company, Mixellany. Brown and Miller drink and write about drinks for a living. Their book Shaken Not Stirred: A Celebration of the Martini was published by Harper Collins in 1997 and Europa Verlag in 1998. Their homage to the bubbly, Champagne Cocktails, was published by Regan Books in 1999. They are contributing cocktail and travel editors for Hamptons, Gotham, LA Confidential, and Aspen Peak magazines. Their articles have also appeared in Wine Spectator, Cigar Aficionado, FoodArts, Wine & Dine, and Northwest Palate. Miller and Brown developed Heavy Water Vodka which has won the Beverage Tasting Institutes ?gold? and ?best of? designations. This husband- and-wife team has made numerous TV and radio appearances, discussing their favorite subject, cocktails. And they?ve taken their show on the road, teaching consumers how to shake and stirred their own cocktails at restaurants nationwide.


Ted Haigh: Curator

Ted Haigh designs and curates the permanent Museum exhibits. A highly respected graphic designer for the film industry, as well as a cocktail authority, Haigh will maintain and augment the exhibit over time based on locale, subject, acquisitions, and evolving knowledge. Haigh, also known as Dr. Cocktail, has been called ?the premiere cocktail historian in America? and is the author of Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails, published by Quarry Books. He was the cocktail and spirits advisor for America Online and writes regular columns for Imbibe Magazine and Martini Republic. He has been widely interviewed and quoted in books, magazines, newspapers, on radio and on screen. Doc is the co-founder of The Internet Cocktail Database, and the inventor of the Mixilator. He writes and lectures on subjects pertaining to classic cocktails and has one of the largest collections of vintage and antique cocktail ingredients in the world.


Robert Hess: Secretary

Robert Hess is the Administrator of the The Museum of the American Cocktail website and managing editor of Mixologist; the Journal of the American Cocktail. Hess, by profession, is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, a published author, and is widely known among his peers in the cocktail world as the ambassador of cocktails. He is the creator of the widely recognized cocktail education website, Robert provides authoritative and persuasive outreach to the public and to the food & beverage industry to increase recognition and respect for this unique and undervalued art.


Phil Greene: Treasurer

As a founding board member of The Museum of the American Cocktail, Phil Greene assists with outreach, promotion, writing, and local communications, while providing legal counsel. Greene is an attorney; Senior Counsel for Internet Technology with the U.S. Department of Commerce. He is a descendant of Antoine Amedee Peychaud, the 19th New Orleans pharmacist who created Peychaud?s Bitters and is credited with inventing one of the great classic cocktails of all times, the Sazerac - a New Orleans drink, which is still made with Peychaud?s Bitters today. Phil is the author of Creole Gumbo and other writings and is an authority on the life of the ironically initialed A. A. Peychaud, and of New Orleans cocktail lore & history in general.


Chris & Laura McMillian

When historic New Orleans drinks are the quest, all roads lead eventually to Chris McMillian, the bartender at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel?s Library Lounge. Chris McMillian, a New Orleans native, descends from four generations of barkeepers; his great grandfather was a saloon keeper and his uncles owned casinos and night clubs in the 1930s and 1940s. After plying his trade at landmarks Arnaud's and the Royal Sonesta, Chris opened the swank and sensually-lit Library Lounge where he entertains his guests with outstanding classic drinks and perhaps a lesson in cocktail history as well; Chris is one of the foremost authorities on 19th century drinking in the nation and serves the finest Mint Julep known to Man.

Contributing Scholars & The Museum of the American Cocktail Board of Advisors:

David Wondrich - Guest Curator of the New York MOTAC Exhibit

David Wondrich is an internationally-recognized authority on cocktails and their history. He is a Contributing Editor at Esquire and writes for numerous other magazines on the subject, including Saveur, Gotham, Wine and Spirits, Playboy, and Drinks. His first book, Esquire Drinks: An Opinionated and Irreverent Guide to Drinking (Hearst Books, 2002), has been acclaimed as ?arguably the most enjoyable guide to entertaining with alcohol since Kingsley Amis?s 1972 On Drink; brilliantly witty, irreverent and brimming with interesting trivia? David, who holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from New York University, is also the motive force behind Slow Food?s annual Tribute to Jerry Thomas, in which some of the nation?s most respected mixologists get together to pay tribute to ?Professor? Jerry Thomas (the man who wrote the first cocktail book, in 1862)-an event which The New York Times described as ?an antiquarian lark, with overtones of a sťance.?


The Museum of the American Cocktail Distinguished Board of Advisors

Tony Abou-Ganim, Laura Baddish, Jeff Berry, Mark Bigler, Anthony Blue, Ted Breaux, Dave Broom, Salvatore Calabrese, Kathy Casey, Fernando Castellon, Chuck Cowdrey, Kathie Crabtree, Cathryn Davis, Simon Difford, Jonathan Downey, Lowell Edmunds, Jennifer English, Simon Ford, Saint John Frizell, Lorin Gaudin, Kathy Hamlin, Paul Harrington, Francesco Lafranconi, Livio Lauro, Doc Lawrence, Jeffrey Lindenmuth, Ryan Magarian, Robert Markel, Ti Martin, Robert McCarthy, John Myers, Tim Neill, Cynthia Nims, Sasha Petraske, Robert Plotkin, Brian Rea, Gary Regan, Julie Reiner, Audrey Saunders, Terry Sullivan, Chuck Taggart, Stephen Visakay, James Walker, Michael Waterhouse, Angus Winchester, David Wondrich


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