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To aid the dedicated bartender and mixologist, we are proud to present the list of products below. At the current time, we aren't selling any products ourselves, so we are instead providing appropriate details and links to allow you to purchase them as easily as possible. In some cases, we've arranged for special discounts for museum members only, in which case we've indicated that, and have provided a special page for that product in our "Members Club".

The Essentail Cocktail: The Art of Mixing Perfect Drinks
by Dale DeGroff

"Dale DeGroff is the Oracle, the Yoda, the Walking Buddha of mixology. Simply put: If you're having an argument about how to make a particular cocktail? Whoever quotes DeGroff wins."
—Anthony Bourdain

“Dale DeGroff is the Grand Master Chef of cocktail making. I've been lucky enough to be his student–now everyone will know his secrets!”
—Bobby Flay

“The Essential Cocktail is a handbook for ladies and gentlemen interested in the honorable pursuit of all things delicious. For me that very often starts with a delightful and tasty cocktail crafted by the true master mixologist, Dale DeGroff. With this guide in hand, perfect drinks are no longer difficult alchemy, but easy sipping instead.”
—Mario Batali

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Barflies and Cocktails
A faithful reproduction of the 1927 edition
by: Harry McElhone
with a new introduction by: David Wondrich
"It seems to me that for a volume of drink recipes to achieve whatever portion of true greatness a work of its kind may aspire to, it has to serve in some way as the annals of a community... By that standard, Barflies and Cocktails is one of the greatest of its kind."
-David Wondrich
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Bartender's Manual
A faithful reproduction of the 1900 edition
by: Harry Johnson
with a new introduction by: Robert Hess
"You hold in your hands an important piece of the puzzle, perhaps as important as the Rosetta stone which helped crack the meaning of Egyptian hieroglyphics. Harry Johnson's Bartenders' Manual presents not just the recipes in use by the bartenders of the late 1800s, but it provides a glimpse into the mindset, the business, and, more importantly, the pride in craftsmanship that was important for bartenders to focus on as they performed their craft."
-Robert Hess
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Recipes of American and Other Iced Drinks
A faithful reproduction of the 1895 edition
by: Charlie Paul
with a new introduction by: Dale DeGroff
"For the collector, the fascination with this book goes beyond the recipes to the illustrations. The illustrations are so detailed and precise they can be used as blueprints to recreate the designs, and probably already have by clever bar designers and operators."
-Dale DeGroff
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The Bartender's Guide: How to Mix Drinks: A Bon Vivant's Companion
A faithful reproduction of the 1862 edition
by: Jerry Thomas
with a new introduction and appendix by: David Wondrich
It was in 1862 that Jerry Thomas authored this, the very first published bartender's guide. It has been reproduced here with amazing quality, and including both a new introduction as well as a new appendix of historical information about Jerry Thomas.
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The Find Art of Mixing Drinks
A brand new edition of this long out of print classic
by: David Embury
with indroductions by Audrey Saunders and Robert Hess
"The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks continues to be most welcome in any day and age. Like a favorite, curmudgeonly professor, your relationship with this book can grow into a highly respected one. As a proud Emburian, I think it’s one of the best around."
-Audrey Saunders
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The Mixicologist
A faithful reproduction of the 1895 edition
by: C. F. Lawlor
with a new introduction by: Ted "Dr. Cocktail" Haigh
"If one final thing sets C.F. Lawlor’s The Mixicologist apart from other bar guides of the era, it’s the great number of period advertisements it contains. These pages are wonderful. One could almost reconstruct downtown Cincinnati circa 1895 from them. They are a window into the lives, aspirations and dreams of its people as the twentieth century crouched just over the rise, ready to change everything."
-Ted Haigh
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The Modern Bartender's Guide
A faithful reproduction of the 1884 edition
by: O. H. Byron
with a new introduction by: Brian Rea
"One reason the Modern Bartenders' Guide continues to increase in value is because it is one of the very few bartender guides that has directions, formulas and/or guidelines for the manufacture of imitation cordials, brandies, liquors, syrups, etc. Sort of reminiscent of the old Dupont Chemical Company’s motto, 'Better living through chemistry.'"
-Brian Rea
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Lush Life: Portraits from the Bar with Caricatures by Jill DeGroff
is a collection of portraits, recipes, and tales from the colorful characters encountered by the author in bars around the world. From gypsies and musicians, to poets, authors, writers, chefs and bartenders, everyone shares a tale, keeping that great American saloon tradition very much alive. What emerges is a compelling portrait of todays "Cocktailian" society. Lush Life is a unique anthology, served with great cocktails, and a splash of heart and soul!

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MIXOLOGY: Making Great Cocktails!
Dale DeGroff's Mixology DVD - Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff, aka King Cocktail provides instruction on all the essentials of professional bartending. Learn the tools, techniques and methods needed to prepare gourmet classic cocktails, and how to prepare classics like the Martini, Whiskey Punch, Hemingway Daiquiri, Caipirinha, plus many new originals. An excellent teaching tool for the aspiring professional or for those who simply enjoy entertaining at home. Running time: 45 min.

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Pocket Recipe Guide, Updated 2007 Edition
edited by Anistatia Miller and Robert Hess
The Museum of the American Cocktail presents this guide to 100 classic cocktail recipes every bartender and cocktail lover should know. Small enough to put in your back pocket (6x4 inches), you'll find historic notes and variations as well as mixing tips to deepen your understanding of the cocktail's undeniable place among the culinary arts among these pages.

Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail
edited by Anistatia Miller
The first annual volume of Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail was published in April 2005 and featured works by noted cocktail authorities Dave Wondrich, Ted Haigh, Robert Hess, Gary Regan, Jared Brown, Lowell Edmunds, Paul Clarke, Audrey Saunders, Phil Greene, Anistatia Miller, and Darcy O'Neil. The never-before-published articles presented in this inaugural 200-page book focussed on the origins of six classic cocktails. Additional articles explored the legend of Antoine Amedee Peychaud, creator of Peychaud's Bitters; the history of Plymouth Gin; a definitive and scientific guide to simple syrup; and a look into the classic future of cocktails. Published by Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller, a portion of net proceeds from the sales of Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail will benefit The Museum of the American Cocktail.

Mixologist 2: The Journal of the American Cocktail
edited by Anistatia Miller
The second volume of Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail features works by noted cocktail authorities Christine Sismondo, Robert Hess, Gary Regan, LeNell Smothers, Gwydion Stone, Audrey Saunders, Dale DeGroff, Ryan Magarian, Darcy O'Neil, Jared Brown, and Anistatia Miller. Published by Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller, a portion net proceeds from the sales of Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail will benefit The Museum of the American Cocktail.

by David Wondrich
Using the illustrious "Jerry Thomas" (famous bartender from the mid 1800's and author of the first known bartenders guide) as a focal point, Mr. Wondrich introduces us to the birth and evolution of the cocktail as well as a variety of other categories of "mixed drinks" from that era. With insightful, and often witty explanations he steps carefully through both the drinks and the attitudes of the time which formed the foundation for all that was to follow.

Imbibe Magazine
Imbibe Magazine has proven to be a breath of fresh air amongst cocktail fans everywhere. Each issue shows great insight and dedication to the full spectrum of beverages, including not only great articles on cocktails and spirits (including a regular column by our own Ted "Dr. Cocktail" Haigh), but also wonderfully researched information about beer, wine, coffee, and tea. We always look forward to recieving each issue and reading it cover-to-cover as soon as possible.
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TAG Barware
Tony has created his own special line of barware that he feels addresses the needs of bartenders around the world. It includes the special "Lewis" bag for creating wonderful crushed and powdered ice, solid cherry wood muddler, cast metal juice squeezer, cotton cloth embroidered napkins, adjustable bib apron, and two sizes of glass stirring rods.
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Mixing New Orleans
by: Phillip Collier
Mixing New Orleans shares New Orleans’ contribution to mixology, along with recipes, lore on the city’s famous drinking establishments and famous imbibers since the birth of the cocktail. From the Sazerac to the Pimm’s Cup, from the Hurricane to Absinthe’s reign, Mixing New Orleans released during the fifth anniversary event of Tales of the Cocktail takes readers on a journey exploring the vital role the cocktail played in shaping the character of New Orleans today. To purchase copies contact Ann Rogers at 504-343-4285 or email

Big Easy Cocktails
by Jimmy Bannos and John DeMers
In Big Easy Cocktails, chef Jimmy Bannos pays tribute to the Crescent City with a host of recipes for truly classic cocktails like the Mint Julep, newfangled concoctions like the Gentilly Sunrise, and snacks and appetizers inspired by Creole and Cajun cuisines.
  • A colorful collection of cocktail and snack recipes that capture the authentic flavors and spirit of New Orleans.
  • A portion of the book's proceeds will be donated to support Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.
  • Includes 50 cocktail and 35 appetizer recipes plus 30 food and location photos.
Features recommended music selections to accompany each cocktail recipe and a list of New Orleans–related books and movies

The Craft of the Cocktail
by Dale DeGroff
Cocktails are bigger than ever, and this is the first real cookbook for them, covering the entire breadth of this rich subject. The Craft of the Cocktail provides much more than merely the same old recipes: it delves into history, personalities, and anecdotes; it shows you how to set up a bar, master important techniques, and use tools correctly; and it delivers unique concoctions, many featuring Dale DeGroff’s signature use of fresh juices, as well as all the classics.

Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails
by Ted Haigh
The authentic vintage cocktail has made a comeback. This book does not repeat the timeworn cocktails of old. While old-fashioneds, martinis, rusty nails, margaritas, and negronis are all great drinks--and this book includes the most authentic recipes--you can find them anywhere.
      Here, historian, expert, and drink aficionado Dr. Cocktail has hand-picked 80 drinks rarely made today, and all of them deserve revival. Some are from the nineteenth century, some from the Prohibition era, and some from just after World War II, as the golden age of the cocktail was waning. All are retrieved from extremely uncommon sources. In fact, some of these drinks were found carefully penned into old cocktail manuals or on scraps of paper and may never have been published. They are true treasures, indeed.

Shaken Not Stirred: A Celebration of the Martini
by Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown
This first-of-its-kind volume features 40 ways to make a classic martini, 60 nouveau concoctions and a directory of the world's best martini lounges. Here, readers will discover the finer points of gin versus vodka, olive versus twist, shaken versus stirred, as well as brands of liquor, ratios of ingredients and every facet of this highly ritualized and specific cocktail. Also included are looks at and recipes for the weird and wonderful new offspring of the martini renaissance: chocolate and espresso martinis, the Cajun Combustion Engine, Martini Navratilova, Very Berry Martini, Pasini Express, Berlin Station Chief and many more. With sidebars featuring quotes from literature, toasts and historical points of interest, plus photos recalling great martini moments in film, politics, culture and advertising, Shaken Not Stirred is a fabulous celebration of a classic and very au courant international tradition.

The Joy of Mixology
by Gary Regan
An original book on the craft of mixology is a rare gem. Gary Regan’s The Joy of Mixology is such a gem, one whose genius lies in Regan’s breakthrough system for categorizing drinks that helps bartenders—both professionals and amateurs alike—not only to remember drink recipes but also to invent their own.
       For example, once you understand that the Margarita is a member of the New Orleans Sour Family, you’ll instantly see that a Kamikaze is just a vodka-based Margarita; a Cosmopolitan follows the same formula, with some cranberry juice thrown in for color. Similarly, the Manhattan and the Rob Roy, both members of the French-Italian family, are variations on the whiskey-vermouth-bitters formula.
       In this way Regan brings a whole new understanding to the world of cocktails and how to make them. Not only will you learn how to make standard cocktails, you’ll actually learn to feel your way through making a drink, thereby attaining the skills needed to create concoctions of your own. And as Regan explains methods for mixing drinks, how to choose bartenders’ wares and select spirits and liqueurs, and the origins of many cocktails, you’ll feel as though you’re behind the bar with him, learning from a master. Plus, his charming and detailed history of mixed drinks raises this far above the standard cocktail guide fare.

Vintage Barware
by Stephen Visakay
The ultimate guide for fans and collectors of historical barware. In this single guide, Visakay provides not only beautiful pictures of classic cocktail shakers and assorted barware, but he also indicates approximate values and detailed and well researched information regarding their historical significance and manufacture.

Esquire Drinks
by David Wondrich
Anyone can lift a glass—but drinking with class, taste, and wisdom is a completely different matter. David Wondrich, Esquire magazine’s renowned “drink pundit,” is here to remedy that sad situation and restore a tradition of intelligent, sophisticated drinking. Wondrich simply provides the liveliest history of drinks imaginable, serving up wit and wisdom that will help you sort out the classic from the crass and master the fundamentals of mixology. The highlight: the delicious drinks themselves. The recipes, with loads of information and variants, appear on pages brightened with vintage photos that perfectly capture the spirit of each cocktail. There are daiquiris, amusingly named gin drinks like “William Seabrook’s Asylum,” a Whiskey Sour, Margarita, Vodka Martini, and a barfull more!
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