Members' Club

Cocktail 200 Celebrations
In Las Vegas

Here are a collection of photo's from our Cocktail 200 celebration in Las Vegas on May 13, 2006



A little banjo music

The Clarinet

Plymouth Gin

Bottles, anxiously waiting

Glassware, in anticipation

Some of our sponsors

Some more of our sponsors

Even more sponsor product

And a few more

Connecting up to New York

Laura, signing up new members

Chris and Janet

Commander's Bar

Doc, in front of the camera

More of Doc


Further Pontification

BobbyG preparing a drink


BobbyG pouring his drink

Tony with nothing to do

More Music



Tony, busy this time

Crowds Gathering

BobbyG keeping them coming

More happy faces

Tony, Dale, Francesco

Dale, shaking it up


Books in hand

Passing out drinks

Tony's drink

Official "Cocktail 200" day Proclamation



BobbyG explaining the drinks

Lining up for Bobby's drinks

Bobby taking care of business

Mixing another drink

The entertainment

Livio mixing up a drink

Tommy from Commander's

Livio, lineing them up

Our Sponsors

Happy Customers

Hey look! It's New York!

(where is everybody?)

Chris, serving Sazeracs

Everybody having fun


(trying to remember what goes in a Sazerac)


(finally remembered)

Getting ready

Explaining the Competition

The Lineup

Bobby, Clark, Francesco, Brandon, Will, Livio, Dale, Tony, Aisha

Will Shine

Will's Prep

The "Wet Spot" cocktail

The Winning Drink

Clark Clark

Clark's Prep

More of Clark's Prep

Barmarche Honey Sour

Second Place

Brandon Williams

Brandon's Prep

The Byzantine Cocktail

Third Place


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