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Nobo Bar, Poland

Nobo Bar - May 7, 7pm
ul. Wilcza 58A
Warszawa, Poland
Contact: Tomasz Roehr Phone: +48509469200
For a week from May 7th until the 14th, together with Nobo Bar will be holding a week long exhibition of cocktail shakers, soda siphons and glassware. Two events will take place at the beginning and end of the exhibition to commemorate the first published definition of the cocktail. During these events we will be talking about the history of the cocktail as well as presenting classic and molecular versions of a chosen drink. We will also be asking people to contribute or buy membership to The Museum of the American Cocktail.

World Cocktail Week Celebrations in Poland

The Polish World Cocktail Week celebrations were organized together with The Museum of the American Cocktail by which teamed up with a well known and respected bar in Warsaw called Nobo Bar. The celebrations lasted a week from the 7th to the 14th of May during which there was an exhibition of shakers, glasses and siphons.

Two events were held during this time to inaugurate the opening of the exhibition and the ending of the celebrations. The two events attracted over 100 people and throughout the week over 500 people saw the exhibition and sponsors products.

Throughout the week there was a special cocktail menu consisting of classic cocktails at reduced prices incorporating Cointreau with a Sidecar and Margarita as well as other spirits in the Old Fashioned Cocktial and Manhattan.

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