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The Edison, Downtown Los Angeles

The Edison - May 13th - World Cocktail Day
108 West 2nd St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
The Edison will be serving Moscow Mules served in a copper mug for $5 all night long to celebrate World Cocktail Week, stop by and check it out.
Aidan Demarest (213)613-0000

The Moscow Mule

A relative unknown at the time, Vodka first made its play in the U.S.A, in 1934. The Smirnoff Corporation had just sold its rights to a savvy entrepreneur by the name of John Martin who worked for the beverage juggernaut, the Heublien Corporation. This was a bold move since the Cold War was on the horizon and Smirnoff was a Russian product. It was a twist of fate that lead to the American popularity of vodka. John had a friend who owned a restaurant called the Cock and Bull, a popular celebrity haunt in Los Angeles. Jack Morgan was his name and he also had a product he too, could not move, ginger beer. Now to complete the triangle Jack had a friend who made copper mugs, which she also was unable to sell. Put them all together and you have the Moscow Mule. They didn't stop there. Each celebrity that came into the Cock N Bull got their own personalized, engraved copper mug, which the Cock N Bull kept there, and they could use anytime they came in. John Martin also went around town asking bartenders to pose for polaroid pictures, with the Moscow Mule in hand, in exchange to keep the "polaroids", which happened to be a new found invention at the time. This cocktail became a hit nationwide, largely due to its popularity amongst the celebrity set.
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