World Cocktail Week!

May 6th to May 13th

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We invite all serious cocktail bars to officially register your WCW event with the Museum in order to support The Museum of the American Cocktail and have your celebration endorsed with our Seal of approval. Requirements are as follows:

  1. Be dedicated to the art of the cocktail; offer superbly crafted drinks using excellent quality spirits.
  2. We ask for your help in raising funds for the Museum. Suggested contributions are as follows: $250 for small business bar owners, $500 for an event with paying sponsors, and $1000 for sponsored event for 300 or more. Your contribution will permit you to use the Museum seal while promoting your WCW event. We will also list your event on our website.
  3. We ask that you make an effort to include our brand sponsors (as many as you're able to).
  4. We also expect that everyone involved in the event will stress responsible drinking and takes every precaution to ensure that guests will not drink and drive.
Please fill out and submit the venue participation form:

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Your commitment supports the continued development of our exhibit and mixology education program, while building the Museum into a world class mixology resource; We are grateful for your support!