Cowboys And Cocktails

The burgeoning craft of stone lithography and the machine production of sturdy glass boggles assured a bounty of colorful riches for the cocktail consumer by 1904.
Apple Brandy
Blackberry Cordial
Old Tom GinApricot Brandy
Ingredients were only getting better too. The Pure Food and Drug Act was enacted in 1906.

What are we drinking? A selection of Cocktails, all new for 1901.

The Commodore.

[This drink, which was invented by Phil Gross, Cincinnati, O. won the Police Gazette championship medal in the bartenders' contest.]
One-half lime.
One jigger whiskey.
One teaspoonful sugar.
Two dashes orange bitters.
Shake well and strain into a thin goblet and serve.

Honolulu Cooler.

(By V. J. Terrio, Boston, Mass.)
Use large bar glass.
One spoonful powdered sugar.
Juice of one lime.
Two dashes Raspberry syrup.
One glass St. Croix rum.
Fill the glass with shaved ice and shake well; decorate with fruits and serve with straws.

Occidental Rickey.

(By Jack Zahn, Occidental Hotel, New York.)
Squeeze one lime in a punch glass containing a small piece of ice.
One-half jigger of Sloe gin.
One jigger of Plymouth gin.
Stir with a spoon while filling the glass with Carbonic water.
[For plain Gin Rickey use only one kind of gin.]

Sunny Side Cocktail.

Use common bar glass.
Two-thirds full of ice.
One dash gum syrup.
One dash Angostura bitters.
Three dashes Orange bitters.
Five dashes Italian Vermouth.
Fill with Scotch whiskey; stir well and strain; serve with pitted olive and twisted lemon.

Stayer and Bracer.

(By Harry Pockman, Sacramento, Cal.)
Fill a mixing glass full of cracked ice.
Then put in one mixing spoon of gum syrup
One jigger of Absinthe (white preferred.)
One jigger of Three Star brandy.
The white of one egg.
Shake well and strain into a fizz glass; add enough from a syphon to fill the glass and serve

Hermitage Club Sour.

One-half full of fine ice.
Two spoonfuls of sugar.
Juice of one small lemon.
One egg.
One dash of Maraschino.
One jigger of whiskey.
Shake well and serve with cinnamon on top.

Trilby Cocktail.

(By W. J. Farrel, St Charles Hotel, New Orleans)
use bar glass.
Put in a small lump of ice.
A dash of Peychaud bitters.
A dash of Curacoa.
Two-thrids French Vermouth.
Serve in a fancy stand glass, and float whiskey on top with a pinch of lemon peel.
~ Taken from the Latest & Most Popular Mixed Drinks supplement of "The New Police Gazette Bartenders Guide" published in 1901.

While the bottling of cocktails was something suggested in the very first bar guide, published 60 years before, the new century saw commercially bottled premixed cocktails on sale to the public. Partially a result of new sturdy glass bottles and the invention of the automatic bottling machine in 1903, and thanks to ready refrigeration and better transportation, the new bottled cocktails thrived, and one example, the pioneer Heublein Club Cocktails, are still produced today.
Bottled Cocktails
Home Brand Rye
The Whiskey Trust was largely responsible for the advent of mail order whiskey. The "expose" below was a red herring, however since the trust had been largely broken up since 1895. Still, the mail order liquor business boomed.
The Whiskey Trust
Bottled cocktails thrived against a backdrop of the increasing power of the Temperance Movement, which urged abstaining from all alcohol

It was much more private to simply order liquor by mail and mix it in the privacy of your own home.

It would not remain an option for long.

Exhibit material collected and composed by: Ted "Dr. Cocktail" Haigh
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