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Virtual Exhibit:
The Origin of the Cocktail
Virtual Exhibit:
Albert Pick Saloon Catalog

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Unique Exhibits

Our exhibits are designed to lead visitors through the fascinating hundred-year-old history of the American Cocktail.

At our museum you will see a recreation of the great cocktail palaces that flourished toward the end of the nineteenth century.

Here at our "online" version, we present you with a taste of some of the exciting exhibits and information that you will find at our museum.

In "The Origin of the Cocktail", we present for the first time on the web, the full text and background information associated with the very first time the word "cock-tail" was used in print. And in the "Albert Pick Saloon Catalog" we provide a glimpse inside an actual catalog of bar and saloon products that was published in 1918. This is significant since this was just one year before Prohibition was declared. You can see this actual catalog on display at our exhibit in Las Vegas.

We hope you enjoy your visit, and look forward to seeing you soon!

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Saluting a Great American Tradition
An Educated and Responsible Approach to the Art of the Cocktail

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