Vol 2. Issue 2.Newsletter for The Museum of the American Cocktail February, 2005
The Cocktailian Gazette
Vol. 2, Issue 2
February, 2005
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This months Editorial Message is provided by Dale DeGroff, world renowned bar and restaurant consultant and president of The Museum of the American Cocktail.

We began the week with great news on financial front, Jill managed to bring in two more sponsors: Belvedere and Southern Comfort, we're not exactly on easy street, and we need many more sponsors, but it’s encouraging. To assist us, we have engaged the services of two top sales people, John Molinari of Jam Media and Dori Bryant of FestUSA to secure additional sponsorship operating on a commission basis and we are very encouraged that this will bring significant results.

We continue to garner significant press attention- Market Watch, Celebrated Living, Mixology (German Magazine) and Philadelphia Tribune, along with several others.

One area that where we need work, and could use your help, is in individual bartender memberships. We should be pursuing hundreds and eventually thousands of bartender memberships around the world. Ideas welcome!

The seminars, through a lot of hard work from Jill, Phil and our partners in New Orleans--Omni, the Ritz, and Café Adelaide, are scheduled (see the listings below...) We need help promoting these. We do not have enough registrations coming in yet- although not unusual this early in the game.

The exhibit continues to be enthusiastically received by the public, and industry friends who have called to report on their visits-congratulations Doc and all involved. Great reception!

Chris and Laura McMillian continue to supply much needed local support liaisoning w/hotels and local bartenders and distributing fliers about the seminars and the Museum. Ann Rogers has also been kind enough to include all of our promotional literature in her outreach efforts.

An easy to download and print version of these fliers can be found on our website within the "Membership" section. Please visit the website, and print out some fliers to distribute wherever you feel they would be helpful. Talk us up, sell some memberships!

Thank you very much,

- Dale DeGroff

President of The Museum of the American Cocktail


Mixologist: Journal of the American Cocktail

A forum for mixology and barware scholars that's long been overdue, the first annual volume of Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail (ISBN: 0-9760937-0-7)will come hot off the presses on March 21, 2005. Written by some of the nation's most respected cocktail authorities, this year's volume of Mixologist features works by Dave Wondrich, Ted Haigh, Robert Hess, Gary Regan, Jared Brown, Lowell Edmunds, Paul Clarke, Audrey Saunders, Phil Greene, Anistatia Miller, and Darcy O'Neal.

The never-before-published articles presented in this inaugural 196-page volume focuses on the origins of six classic cocktails—the Gimlet, Singapore Sling, Bellini, Piña Colada, punch, and the Martini. Additional articles explore the legend of Antoine Amedee Peychaud, creator of Peychaud Bitters; the history of Plymouth Gin; a definitive and scientific guide to simple syrup; and a look into the classic future of cocktails.

Articles were reviewed by a distinguished editorial board that included Dale DeGroff, Dave Wondrich, Jared Brown, Lowell Edmunds, and Robert Hess. Net proceeds from the sales of Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail will benefit the Museum of the American Cocktail.

The Mixologist: Journal of the American Cocktail is $23.95 (includes shipping and handling) per copy mailed within the U.S. via book rate. Foreign orders are $27.95 per copy. Payments are accepted through PayPal:

Shipped within
US: $23.95

Shipped outside
US: $27.95


New Orleans Cocktail Seminars

The Museum will start up a series of cocktail seminars starting with a St. Paddy's Day Eye Opener in March, and then followed with three back-to-back seminars in June.

You can sign up for any one of these seminars online via PayPal by visiting our Events page. Or, to register by mail, include your name, address, phone & email and send check to:

Museum of the American Cocktail
P.O. Box 38
Malverne, NY 11565
Here are the currently scheduled cocktail seminars:

St. Paddy's Day Eye Opener!

Sponsored By:
Ritz-Carlton New Orleans

$35 per person (discounts for members)
Thursday, March 17, 10:30 am to Noon
or Friday, March 18, 4:30 to 6:00 pm

Ritz-Carlton Library Lounge
921 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Begin your St. Paddy's celebration with a Bushmills Irish Coffee at The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans Library Lounge. Your host, Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff, will trace the birth of the Irish Coffee from Foynes Flying Boat Terminal in Ireland during the Second World War to its present day shrine at the Buena Vista Café in San Francisco. Chris McMillian and Phil Greene will introduce you to breakfast cocktails like the Pernod French Kiss, as well as some famous New Orleans eye-openers like the Ramos Gin Fizz and other great classics while you sample delicious breakfast hors d'oeuvres. Or you can join us the day after for The Hangover Eye Opener!

Cocktails for your Cookout
Chill & Grill with the King of Cocktails!

Sponsored By:
Omni Royal Orleans
Gran Centenario Tequila
Finlandia Vodka

$35 per person (discounts for members)
Wednesday, June 1st, 5:30 - 7pm

The Omni Royal Orleans Hotel
621 St. Louis Street- French Quarter
New Orleans, LA. 70130

On Wednesday, June 1st, things heat up at the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel as America’s foremost mixologist, Dale DeGroff hosts a presentation on cocktails to prepare at your next cookout! Learn which drinks match best with grilled and spicy foods, and taste sublime cocktails that combine fresh exotic flavors and tropical fruits, while you sample savory hors de oeuvres from Chef Anthony Spizale. Best of all, you'll go home with the recipes and know-how for serving these favorites to your friends at your next cookout.

Make Great Cocktails at Home!
With Tony Abou-Ganim

Sponsored By:
Omni Royal Orleans
Belvedere Vodka
Southern Comfort
Cocktail Tour

$35 per person (discounts for members)
Thursday, June 2nd, 5:30 - 7pm

The Omni Royal Orleans Hotel
621 St. Louis Street- French Quarter
New Orleans, LA. 70130

"Don't be intimidated...Make great cocktails at home!" Join Tony Abou-Ganim, the Modern Mixologist, as he shows you what you need to stock your home bar, tools of the trade and how to use them, and all the secrets behind mixing great drinks. Be it a classic Bloody Mary for brunch, a Mint Julep on Derby Day or one of his originals like the Sunsplash, featuring Belvedere Pomarancza Vodka, he'll show you how easy it is to craft these wonderful libations. From shaking to stirring, muddling to blending, Boston Shakers and Hawthorn Strainers, you'll learn all you need to know to set up and tend your home bar.

Presentation held at the Omni Royal Orlean’s beautiful Royal Garden Terrace Room; delicious cocktails and hors de oeuvres will be served!

Secrets of the Saloon
An Intensive Look at Pre-Prohibition Drinks Presented by David Wondrich

Sponsored By:
Cafe Adelaide
Remy Cointreau

$35 per person (discounts for members)
Friday, June 3rd, 5:30 - 7pm

Café Adelaide's Swizzle Stick Bar
300 Poydras St.
New Orleans, LA.

Join us for an intensive look at pre-Prohibition drinks and bartending techniques. The first session will cover the earliest saloon drinks, including the Sherry Cobbler and various Brandy Cock-Tails, Juleps and Punches (luckily they'll be made with genuine Rémy Martin cognac instead of the rotgut brandy that was often encountered in old saloons!). Learn about the evolution of the Gin Cock-Tail into the Martini, the Whiskey Cock-Tail into the Manhattan, and the Brandy Cock-Tail into the Sazerac, along with other Gilded Age developments in mixology.


Weekend Edition - Saturday
New Museum Charts the History of the Cocktail
February 26, 2005
By Scott Simon

"A passionate coalition of bartenders is establishing the world's first museum devoted exclusively to boozing it up.

The Museum of the American Cocktail now occupies space inside the Pharmacy Museum in New Orleans. It traces the American cocktail from its birth in the early 19th century through its "golden age" in the early 20th century, up to its revival in the 1990s. "


The Baltimore Sun
New Orleans museum traces the history of the American cocktail
February 22, 2005
By Doug Simpson (Associated Press)

"NEW ORLEANS -- Start with hundreds of antique liquor bottles. Add Art Deco cocktail shakers, vintage swizzle sticks and Tiki cups. Mix well. Serve inside an 1823 French Quarter town house.

The result: The Museum of the American Cocktail. "

(more... - registration may be required)

Celebrated Living Magazine
The Luxury Magazine for American Airlines Premium Class Passengers
Cocktail Culture
Spring 2005
By Laura Vogel

"New Orleans boasts a treasure trove of cocktail history. America’s first mixed drink, the Sazerac, was invented in the French Quarter in the l830s. One of the oldest bars in the country, Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, circa 1770, still exists on Bourbon Street. And to this day, a “go”-cup of hurricane cocktails can be found clutched in the hand of most every Mardi Gras celebrant. Famed mixologist Dale DeGroff (aka King of Cocktails, who has shaken and stirred at New York’s Rainbow Room and Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel) recently decided to make this official with the opening of the Museum of the American Cocktail. It charts the 200-year history of liquor in America with vintage bartending books, cocktail shakers, and barware, and features rotating exhibits and special events by top mixologists. Temporary home is at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, 514 Chartres St., www.museumoftheamerican cocktail.org"


Southern Comfort Cocktail Tour

There is always something going on in New Orleans, and one of the activities we always recommend (besides visiting the Museum of the American Cocktail of course) is to take the Southern Comfort Cocktail Tour. This is a wonderful walking tour through the historic French Quarter, filled with fascinating and enlightening information about how the history of the cocktail is tightly intertwined throughout this neighborhood.

From the Sazerac and Pimm’s Cup to the Hurricane and Hand Grenade, the Southern Comfort Cocktail Tour mixes classic stories of New Orleans taverns and restaurants with facts about the unique concoctions made famous here. One of those famous “spirits” is Southern Comfort, which was created in 1874 by M.W. Heron at McCauley’s Tavern on the corner of St. Peter and Richard Streets in the French Quarter.

In 1874, the proprietor of McCauley’s Tavern in the French Quarter of New Orleans was in a quandary. He had just purchased a barrel of whiskey for the hefty amount of $300.00. The problem was the whiskey did not taste very good. So he summoned a young bartender named M.W. heron, and asked him to work his special talents on the barrels contents. You see young Heron was a transplant from Ireland and was also a rectifier-a person who could change the taste of products by adding different flavors and spices. Heron had a lot of ample resources at his disposal since New Orleans was a chief port of entry for the United States.

As was the practice in that time, mixologists like Heron often “tinkered” with the whiskey being produced in America at that time to produce a more pleasant taste. Heron signature mixes featured a blending of flavors…vanilla, orange, citrus, herbs, and cinnamon were among the ingredients he added to whiskey barrels to produce what he called “Cuffs and Buttons.” Later, he took that same formula and began bottling the stuff in a squat, long-necked bottle with the black-and-gold label called Southern Comfort! He was so proud of his concoction that he signed the label, M.W. Heron and declared in print on the label, “None Genuine But Mine!”

Tour guests will also visit famous New Orleans restaurants, such as Galatoire’s, a favorite of Tennessee Williams; Antoine’s, the oldest restaurant in New Orleans; and Brennan’s, famous for Breakfast at Brennan’s, the Brandy Milk Punch, Creole Bloody Mary and Bananas Foster. Guests are also shaken (not stirred) by stories of drinking, dining and debauchery as they visit Pat O’Brien’s, Gennifer Flower’s Kelsto Club and Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, one of the oldest structures in the United States.

Interested locals and visitors to New Orleans can contact Gray Line Tours to reserve their spot on the next Southern Comfort Cocktail Tour by calling 1-800-535-7786, 504-569-1401 or logging onto GrayLineNewOrleans.com or SouthernComfortCocktailTour.com. The Southern Comfort Cocktail Tour begins daily at 4:00 p.m. at the Gray Line Lighthouse located at Toulouse St. and the Mississippi River, winding its way through New Orleans’ famous French Quarter. Tour admission is $24 for adults.

A Toast Of New Orleans

Last month we told you about the Southern Food And Beverage Museum reopening their "A Toast of New Orleans," exhibit on March 10th at the Old U.S. Mint. We just learned that on opening day, from 6pm to 8pm, they will also be holding an opening party with cocktails and hors d'oeurves courtesy of the Friends of the Cabildo and Galatoire's Restaurant.

If you are interested in attending, please call (504) 568-6968 for reservations, or visit http://www.southernfood.org for more information.


Santé Magazine

If you are in the restaurant or bar industry, we recommend that you visit SanteMagazine.com and sign up for a free subscription.

Santé Magazine is the premier provider of food, beverage and business management information to members of the restaurant industry and affiliated businesses. Every issue contains wine and spirits reviews, regular columns and features on effective management techniques, staff training and restaurant marketing, as well as articles covering all aspects of food and beverage procurement, presentation and service. In addition, Santé regularly profiles the country's top restaurants, with a focus on the promotions, programs and training techniques responsible for their success.


As a non-profit organization, The Museum of the American Cocktail would like to thank our members for making our existence possible. We would also like to gratefully acknowledge the support and donations provided by the following sponsors and patrons:
Gran Centenario Tequila
Belvedere Vodka
Finlandia Vodka
Plymouth Gin
Skyy Vodka
Remy Cointreau
The Sazerac Company
Southern Comfort
Cocktail Tour

The Museum of the American Cocktail would like to remind
everybody to drink responsibly, and to never drink and drive.