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We would like to recognize those companies and individuals who have played a critical roll in making sure that The Museum Of The American Cocktail™ has the necessary resources to be able to provide it's members with an accurate and engaging experience. Without their support it would be impossible for us to have taken on this project.


These people have donated $20,000 or more to the museum this year:

Corporate Sponsors

A corporate sponsor is a beverage company or hotel/bar chain that has donated $12,000 to the museum this year:


These individuals, companies, or corporations, have donated $7,000 to the museum this year:

Services Rendered

We would also like to recognize those companies and individuals who have diligently worked hard and helping us meet a variety of needs of the museum by generously providing us with services or supplies this year that have been invaluable in helping us with our exhibits, projects, and events:

Saluting a Great American Tradition
An Educated and Responsible Approach to the Art of the Cocktail

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