Sponsorship Benefits

As of now, there is no permanent museum dedicated to the American Cocktail anywhere in the United States or overseas.

With your sponsorship and support, The Museum of the American Cocktail will answer this void.

The association of Museum of the American Cocktail's founders will insure the museum's integrity and authenticity as well as offer sponsors and patrons a unique media and promotional opportunities throughout the year.
  • Media and Promotional Opportunities
    Spearheaded by Dale DeGroff, whose extensive contacts in the spirits industry, culinary world and media, along with his notoriety and publicity opportunities will enable high visibility for this one-of-a-kind institution. Museum founders and cocktail authorities such as Jared Brown, Anistatia Miller, Ted Haigh, Robert Hess, Phil Greene, Chris McMillian, and Dave Wondrich will also served as spokespersons for the museum and its patrons and sponsors through print and broadcast interviews and presentations.

    Special events, fundraisers, mixology seminars, and book promotions will also generate additional media and promotional opportunities as well as exposure for sponsor and patron products.

  • Dale DeGroff's Mixology Seminars
    Renowned bar chefs and cocktail authorities throughout the world will participate in Dale DeGroff's Mixology Seminars. Special presentations will set the stage for a varied and ever-evolving curriculum that will introduce new applications of sponsor and patrons products to both professional and consumer audiences.

  • The Museum of the American Cocktail Website
    Robert Hess's dynamic companion website for the museum and the museum chatrooms will also boost awareness of the museum as well as its sponsors and patrons. Industry, Sponsor, and Patron-level advertising will also boost consumer and professional awareness of products.

  • Public Relations and Publicity Specialists
    Utilizing the founders' strong network of public relations and publicity specialists on a freelance, per-project basis, media opportunities that include the Museum of the American Cocktail, its founders, and its sponsors and patrons will be sought and exploited on an on-going basis.

  • Strengthening Brand Identity for Museum Sponsors
    The value of an association with what is certain to become the most prestigious establishment devoted to the cocktail, where restaurant groups and aspiring professionals can come to enjoy the rich history and culture of the cocktail and obtain state of the art bar training.
Saluting a Great American Tradition
An Educated and Responsible Approach to the Art of the Cocktail

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And the museum would also like to thank the following, who have provided invaluable support and assistance:
Ardent Spirits &
Cafe Adelaide
New Orleans Marriott
Omni Royal Orleans
New Orleans
Pharmacy Museum
Ritz-Carlton New Orleans
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
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